Hello & Welcome!

My career in photography started 9 Years ago, during design school. I headed to the local mall in Halifax, after saving up many pennies, and bought a brand new camera. My passion developed in the Intro to Photography course offered in my program. I rapidly fell in love with the magic of capturing the light, the moment and emotion into a photo. I had no idea this would have ever lead me to a full time career.  


Three years ago I popped my spare camera into Chloe's hand and watched her fly. She has a unique eye for detail and she was truly born with an affinity for photography. During wedding season some call us the same person! She completes my sentences and hands me things before I even realize I need them. She is an easy to work with lady whose knowledgeable and easy going attitude makes her perfect for all types of photo sessions. Of course, we have lives outside of photography and a lot of it is spent with each other! Our favorite things to do together include; watching gilmore girls “top moment recaps” on youtube, deciphering crazy song lyrics, eating over priced gas-station treats and being terrified of spiders… especially when they are in the shower. Well, maybe that isn’t a favourite moment.

She is my right hand woman on the job and I wouldn't be where I am today, in my business or personal life, without her!

My Furry Assistants




My Rocks