Last week I was scrolling through my computer looking at images from this past season and I felt an overwhelming amount of love and appreciation. It still blows my mind that my job is capturing lifelong memories for so many people.

This season was a learning curve for me, as it was my first one with a baby at home, learning how to navigate my new normal took some time and adjustment, but we made it work! My goal for this slow season is to catch up on full blog posts for all these amazing weddings. I have so many stories to tell! Like why Kat is posing in a coke fridge and how I almost got trampled by a cow. But for now; here are some mini posts from this past year! – Enjoy!

Jaclyn xo

Matt & Nikki

Jean – Marc & Katrina

Scott & Millie

Lindsay & Emily

Chad & Caitlin

Matt & Bhreaugh

Ryan & Raeanne

Spencer & Carmen

Chad & Jill

Mike & Haley

2019 Best of the best!


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