We packed up the SUV and hit the road for Jack’s first official road trip! We thought we got off easy when we were only 20 minutes from our destination and Chloe started smelling something off in the back seat. After a quick check; we realized Jack had one of the worst blow outs ever. Realizing there was no where to stop, we had to clean and change him on the side of the road!!! – Luckily things quickly turned around when we arrived at this AMAZING venue! A sweet barn on the side of a back road; it’s everything you want for a perfect venue!

Millie + Scott had one of the most memorable weddings, from her brother’s singing at the ceremony, the teary vows and speeches and of course the Traditional Ceilidh at the reception!

I hope to be back to Ticklebelly Hill soon!

Ticklebelly Hill Wedding | New Brunswick Wedding 2019 | Mille & Scott


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