Our first wedding of the season, yay! This one was extra special as the bride and groom are friends of ours. The first look was proceeded by a long hike in the woods to the Keys Falls. The grooms men made themselves busy by fishing, and actually caught a fish! The blushing bride, Nikita, wore the most amazing piece of wedding jewelry…. a crown! This was not just any crown either, it was made of raven skulls. Her dress was the one she had dreamed of wearing! This stunning gown was bought second hand and you would be hard pressed to find a copy. The dress and crown were the perfect ensemble to compliment the wedding’s novel inspiration… literally a novel! The inspiration for this wedding was a book called “The Night Circus”. It was all elegance with a little bit of goth glam. Instead of flowers the ladies held black & white lollipop bouquets they made themselves. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, they had a cake out of Oreos. Yummy! That beautiful house is a cozy b&b tucked away in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia. It made the perfect place not only to get ready for the wedding but to also hold the ceremony. The reception was a very entertaining night of events, including a lip sync battle & lightsaber duel. It was a great day and we were thrilled to capture the magic!

 Hair: Alyson Phillips

Make-up Artist: Carrigan Martell

Venue: Briarwood B&B

Reception: Curly Portable’s

Rings: Fireworks Gallery

Dress designer: Soterro & Midgely

Brandon + Nikita | May 20th, 2017 – Halifax Wedding Photographer


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